Identify your top tech candidates effortlessly.

Skillsme is your personal recruitment assistant helping you to screen tech talents effortlessly with AI backed by data.

Our AI can tell you a lot about your talents' skills from code they have written.

Skillsme can help you identify the technical skills of talents from their code before you need any tech person to get involve.

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Their skills

You'll see the coding languages and frameworks they know.

Their levels

You'll find the level of each of their skills against industry.

Their potentials

You'll find their learning capabilities and their future potentials.

Skillsme AI can screen many tech roles including...


Web & Web App

Roles related to frontend web development, including websites with HTML and web app with frameworks like ReactJS.


Backend & Database

Roles related to backend and database management and interaction, including database design and server-side applications.


Mobile App

Roles related to mobile app development, including hybrid app and native app development on different platforms.


Data Science

Roles related to generating insights and conclusions from data sets, including AI Modeling, data summarization and so on.



Roles related to building and maintaining blockchain projects, including cryptocurrency, Ethereum and more.



Other roles that have requirements on tech skills, including Dev Ops, Site Reliability Engineers, Testers and so on.

18,000+ have been screened by us, and they loved the experience!

“It has never been easier finding new remote employment opportunities, the recruitment process was clear, concise, fast, and accurate.”

🇳🇬 Chinedu Ofor - Fullstack Developer

“Skillsme made easy to find remote job. I appreciate their AI tool to screen the portfolio and choose the right person for a job.”

🇵🇰 Zaid Qureshi - Mobile Developer

“Skillsme's AI-enabled GitHub portfolio scanner evaluated my strengths and weaknesses in an instant and I was surprised at how accurate it was.”

🇮🇳 Sagar Yadav - Blockchain Developer

Effortless process

Just share an invitation link with your candidates for Skillsme to validated their competencies by AI.

Easy for candidates

Candidates can prove their capabilities through their past contribution or short coding challenges without limit.

Quantify capabilities

Skillsme empower you to quantify your candidates' competencies to easily find top talents accurately & quickly.

With one link, candidates can prove their tech competencies based on their preference.

Invite your candidates to validate their competencies on Skillsme. Re-imagine the way you understand their skills without any technical background.


Candidates screened by Skillsme.


Candidates screened by Skillsme.


Satisfaction rate from our users.


Satisfaction rate from our users.


Businesses worldwide trust Skillsme!


Businesses worldwide trust Skillsme!

What can you find with Skillsme's AI to improve tech recruitment efficiency

Our AI can help identify your candidates' technical competencies without needing any technical person to step in.


Skill level against industry

Our AI can identify the skill set of a candidate, and their levels of expertise against the industry.


Actual years of experience

Based on all the data collected from the candidates, our AI can identify their actual years of experience for each skill they have.


Powerful filters

Our powerful filters help you find the best fit candidates either by your conditions or by finding someone similar in tech skills to your existing staffs.

“The quality of hires was head and shoulders above any tech recruitment gig going on.”

Garrett Hartwell

Garrett Hartwell

COO at Altbase

“It was easy and saved us a lot of time. I will definitely use Skillsme to hire our next role.”

Wenbo Li

Wenbo Li

CTO at Quashed

“These guys will change the face of developer recruitment forever.”

Liam Ross

Liam Ross

CEO at Coinpresso

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