Your tech hiring
starts with AI.

See candidates' tech capabilities with our powerful AI instantly, and build your team with our large talent pool.

See through candidates

Get a deep look into your candidates’ technical skillset and skill level against the industry.

Accurate screening

Screen candidates based on the tech requirement of your role, or compare them with your existing talents.

Find more talent source

Skillsme is deeply connected with lots of organizations. We help businesses find more talents fast and easy.

Understand your tech
candidates fast and accurately without a test.

On Skillsme, you can screen your candidates accurately base on their tech skills, save your engineers' time by interviewing qualified talents only.

Screening Candidates

Sourcing global tech talents that fit your role.

Skillsme is deeply connected with organizations from all around the world. Let global talents know you are hiring, and see your candidates' skills with levels against the industry with Skillsme.

Sourcing Candidates

“The quality of hires was head and shoulders above any tech recruitment gig going on.”

Garrett Hartwell

Garrett Hartwell

COO at 100xCoin

“It was easy and saved us a lot of time. I will definitely use Skillsme to hire our next role.”

Wenbo Li

Wenbo Li

CTO at Quashed

“These guys will change the face of developer recruitment forever.”

Liam Ross

Liam Ross

CEO at Coinpresso

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