Our story

Hiring developers by their capability, not their degree, gender, age, race, and religion. Remove all biases in the tech industry.

Empower tech hiring by discovering real talents for businesses.

At Skillsme, we value subjective more than objective. That's why we created our system to help recruiters make the best decision at the talent sourcing stage.

Real talents are hard to find, and even harder to define. For so long, we used resumes to decide candidates' capabilities in the sourcing stage. But today, with the help of Skillsme's AI and ML, we can re-imagine what will come next.

Dive deep into
geek community.

Skillsme is created by developers for developers. We believe in our community. And we share the same value with our people.

From the very beginning, Skillsme has been highly engaged with the local and international geek community. The features and functionalities in Skillsme does not only benefit the HRs, but also every member of the geek community.