Screen fast and accurately without a test

Skillsme is packed with phenomenon features that helps businesses and recruiters to identify candidates' tech skills beyond technical testing.

Talent Insight

Leverage Skillsme with AI to get to know more about your candidates in one click without coding knowledge.

Benchmark & Lookalike

Our Skillsme benchmarking and lookalike tool helps you find candidates similar to your current star employee.

Auto Insight Update

Any updates to the talents' external accounts will automatically feed into our AI system, and update the information.

Tell you who they really are by Gits and online data, or with Code Snippets

Seamlessly invite your candidates to connect their online platforms to Skillsme. Re-imagine the way you understand their skills without any technical background.

How screening works with Skillsme

Skillsme enables you to hire with accuracy and ease by integrating with your existing HR tools to assist you with our AI.


Invite candidates

Invite your candidates by their names and emails, or import from your CSV file.


Analyzed by AI

Our AI will define candidates' levels by analysing their coding styles & achievements.


Benchmark within your talent pool

Skillsme allows you to compare and benchmark candidates in your talent pool.

A safe environment for Devs to share their achievements.

Skill validation should not have to come at the expense of candidates' privacy. We only provide insights to companies, not personal data.

Devs decide what to share.

Share insight. Not data.

No storage. Analyze only.

Track candidates' progress
while they are upskilling.

We keep tracking the updates of all the candidates connected with us for bringing you the latest insight of their skillset.

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“Excellent to hire talent”

You can be sure that the people you hire from Skillsme are perfect match for the required skills.

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“An exciting new platform”

It has great potential to change the recruitment of coders. Especially coders who are technically capable.

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Screening Candidates Pricing & Plans

Skillsme helps you to hire easier, faster and more efficient like never before. Here are your options.



Get started

14 days free trial.
No team sharing.
Basic benchmark.

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30-day usage

Unlimited talent folders.
Up to 5 team members.
Basic benchmark.

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Monthly subscription


Minimum subscribe 1 year
Pay monthly

Integrate with existing system.
Independent API.
Customizable benchmark.

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Is Skillsme a recruitment agency?

Skillsme is not a recruitment agency. We do not provide services to help companies find talents based on their requirements. What we provide is a platform where candidates can be analysed and understood by HR.

What is Lookalike on Skillsme?

Lookalike is a feature to help you find candidates with similar skillset and capabilities related to a targeted talent fast and easy. You can pick one talent inside your talent pool, and Skillsme can show you similar candidates instantly.

What is Benchmark on Skillsme?

Benchmark is a feature in Skillsme to let you find candidates with conditions you set based on their skills and experiences. The talents who fit best will be shown by ranking order based on skill level.

Why AI talent pool?

With AI talent pool, HRs without tech knowledge can easily find candidates to fit their needs. With insights, HRs can filter out more of those who are not suitable saving you time and resources during the recruitment process.

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